By definition, an e-commerce website is one that allows you to purchase and sell products and/or services online.

For ages, trade has existed, whether via barter exchange or the buying and selling of products and services. There is no such thing as self-sufficiency. This emphasizes the importance of good and service demand and supply.

E-Commerce, also known as e-Business or electronic business, is the selling and purchase of products and services via an electronic medium such as the Internet. It also entails exchanging data and cash electronically between two or more parties. Simply described, it is internet purchasing in the traditional sense.

We at Twister Technologies developed a solution that fits every company in each industry, our E-commerce solution is for any company that is willing to work online. This solution allows your customers to check your products, prices, offers, promotions, and most importantly order online.

With the availability of all features that you need in a website, and a user-friendly interface, here at Twister Technologies we took it a step further and developed a customizable dashboard that helps in managing your business.

With this solution you can easily change all the appearing elements on your website, you can customize the theme, change home page layout, add, edit, and remove any product, image, description and all other attributes without the need of any coding skills. You can also manage and track your orders, and assign multiple users with various roles, as well as generate reports that can help in strategic planning.


I.E-commerce website plans:


1.Standard Package:

  •  Digital Catalog
  •  Customized theme
  •  Multi-Language
  •  Integration with Facebook Products (Facebook Store, Instagram Shop, WhatsApp Business)
  •  Integration with Google Products (Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, Map Location)
  •  Link social media channels
  •  Item Specifications (up to 15 features)
  •  Item Measurement Unit (weight, box, unit, etc...)
  •  Number of Categories & subcategories: Unlimited
  •  Number of Items: Unlimited
  •  Virtual cart
  •  Sliders
  •  Dashboard (Administrative portal)
  •  Wish list



Includes everything mentioned in the Standard Plan and the features below:

  •  Customized Homepage Sections Management
  •  Multi Currencies
  •  Notification Management (Slack)
  •  Orders & Delivery
  •  Checkout
  •  Orders Management
  •  Delivery Management
  •  Customers Management
  •  Business Analytics Dashboard




Includes everything mentioned in the Standard & Professional Plan and the features below:

  •  Checkout & Payment Processing
  •  Manage Delivery Process
  •  Manage Homepage Layout
  •  Multi Registration Channels
  •  Orders Dashboard
  •  Pricing Management
  •  Receipts & Payments
  •  Reporting & Analytics
  •  Users & Roles Management
  •  Integration with Google App
  •  Integration with Facebook Services (Business Account, Facebook Pixel & Events, Facebook App)


Extra Charges Features


  • Online Payment Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Shipping integration
  • Multi Vander

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