A Lebanese company with more than 15 years of experience in software & marketing solutions. Twister Technologies was founded in 2006 with its head office located in Beirut, and expanded its services to cover the needs of the market in Turkey, the GCC, and Africa.
Our aim is to help businesses become digital, sell online, and increase their ROI by providing the software, social media & marketing solutions needed.

With the covid-19 situation, emerged the need for online solutions in different domains; which led us to make every effort to develop specialized solutions that answered the market needs of different business sectors. We want to help companies, retails stores, restaurants, schools, or any other business to go digital, work online, increase their sales, and implement the right software management solutions.

Our main solutions are: an online platform for events and exhibitions, e-commerce websites, informative websites, digital price list, digital menu, online school system, online teaching solutions, specialized software solutions, full digital marketing, and branding services…

We all know the famous saying "For every problem there's a solution", well at Twister Technologies we have our own famous saying: Your Problem, Our Solution.