VFAIR Situation Analysis

Virtual trade shows are a relatively a new phenomenon but have become more widespread since 1993. According to the reportVirtual Conference and Trade Show Market Forecast 2013-2018, the market is expected to expand by more than 50% globally every year until 2018. It states: "We’ll see explosive growth in all market segments: it is just a matter of time before the virtual events world and the trade show world merge to create the next generation of events – a hybrid of the old and the new.” This forecast turned out to be very modest as in 2020 with the emergence of the covid-19 situation, the concept of virtual fair became not only a preference but rather a necessity due to growing concern around the spread of COVID-19.
Moreover, the global economy has witnessed great losses due to the lockdown and the inability to work at full capacity. Even governments are struggling to cope with the expenses incurred by the crisis. Due to this crisis, companies, organizations, entities, and governments are looking to save money. Traditional fairs waste a considerable amount money and for companies especially it was consuming a considerable amount of their annual budget. They have to pay for transporting the products to trade fairs, flying staff to events, paying for fairs booking fees, accommodation and travel costs, setting up and branding the exhibition stands and the cost of their staff time. In addition to having to travel ahead of time for set up, and later on dismantle the stand which takes an awful time. At some events, the costs are so extravagant that they might hit a 6 figures mark.

The industrial sector

Trade fairs are crucial for the industrial sector as they showcase and demonstrate the latest products and services, allow to meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. They facilitate small business growth by connecting buyers and sellers, knowledge sharing leading to innovation and business collaboration (both locally and globally) and providing a platform for international trade and investment.

The VFAIR platform

Twister Technologies believes that every problem has a solution, and it is with great resilience that we started building the VFAIR platform.
VFAIR is an online platform that suits all your events, it provides the opportunity to organize fairs and events online, reach customers worldwide, save a ton of expenses, and decrease the organization time.
The platform provides a comprehensive end to end solution, is fully customizable to suit all events and all industries with the possibility of live chat, live calls and live video calls. You can schedule webinars, upload videos, sliders, 3d videos, or any other digital content.


Characteristics of the platform

Mobile friendly: compliant with laptops, tablets, and mobile phones

Customizable interface:possibility of customization of the interface

in terms of colors, branding, language…

Interactive environment: possibility for live chat, live calls, video

calls, webinars, and informative downloadable digital content (flyers,

price lists, videos…)

Reports and Lead generation: get useful reports and data collected from the visitors


A Comprehensive End to End Solution




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