SMS Marketing is an essential tool for any marketing strategy whether to raise awareness, or for exposure, and even for sales. An SMS can play a critical role in the buying process of the customers.

The target audience must be determined based on (Gender, Age, Area, Classes, Profession…etc.), the client chooses the option either to send it from a database of his own or form our databases.

This solution is characterized by its:


  • Fast delivery time
  • High security
  • Availability of scheduling option
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Massive international coverage
  • Online delivery report.


SMS traceable link* (variety of options available)

SMS API* (automatically send SMS through an application, website, and/or system)

SMS is not limited to transferring a message to an audience but is also the tunnel to other channels (social media platforms and websites) by setting clickable links, including pictures, and videos.


*: Optional features that can be added for extra charges


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