The Organizers

The organizers can conduct Virtual conferences, Virtual tradeshows, Online courses & training webinars.
The organizers can be anyone from a corporation, a government, educational Institute, or NGO who usually conducts fairs and events and is willing to take the experience online, reach a worldwide or local audience, save money, get lead generation and much more.

Schools and universities: will really need to organize virtual fairs to attract new students and make it easier for parents and students to pick the best school or university as open events on campus will not be possible.

Job fairs: there is a global trend for remote work, companies are hiring employees and asking them to work remotely, and some companies are even working remotely with employees in different parts of the world, as they see it as an opportunity to save on the relocation of employees, they can save travel and accommodation expenses, virtual fairs will bridge job seekers with employers anywhere in the world in a dynamic environment.

Trade and retail: companies will get a chance for brand/product awareness locally or internationally, and more import/export opportunities

Conferences: host conferences and webinars and upload information about participants and conference topics

Book fairs, bridal fair, any sort of specialized event: exhibit products under one theme to increase the chance of targeting the right audience

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